Monday, February 9, 2009


Hala's CNN Bio page was updated today, informing readers about International Desk and the end of her stint as host of Inside the Middle East:

"She is the host of International Desk, the new weekday program that brings viewers into the heart of the largest newsgathering operation in the world, immersing them in the latest stories of the day.

Gorani formerly hosted ‘Inside the Middle East’, the monthly show featuring stories on the most important social, political and cultural issues in the region."

I don't usually editorialize but...although Inside the Middle East may continue for awhile (remember D360?)Ms. Gorani's hosting talent will be greatly missed. It remains to be seen if she will still cover stories in the field. Hopefully, her talents won't be wasted walking to and fro in a flashy studio interacting with screens versus doing real journalism.

And to ITME from this former viewer - RIP.

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HaBa said...

I don't know if Wikipedia can be a reliable source, but on Hala's page, you can read: "It was announced in February 2009 that Inside the Middle East will no longer be in production."

Is it the case or the person who edited it reached the conclusion that without Hala, there is no ITME.

Have to agree that Hala was one of the best things on ITME, but, even without her, it's a great show.