Monday, January 12, 2009


Hala will be hosting an hour long special this weekend: The Middle East Challenge. According to CNNAsiaPacific: "Gorani travels through the Middle East to take the pulse of the world's most dynamic and volatile region. In this hour-long program, no subject is off-limits and no area is out-of-bounds, as CNN takes an insightful and thought-provoking look into the problems and promise facing the Middle East. Gorani meets world leaders and speaks with world-class scholars. She investigates the underlying and often-unspoken issues creating roadblocks to economic and political progress. She also examines whether hopes of a stronger relationship with the United States and its new administration will bear fruit, or whether old wounds will prevent any real strengthening from taking hold."

Thu Jan 15: 2300 CET
Sat Jan 17: 1400 CET; 2100 HK
Sun Jan 18: 0700 CET; 1100, 1400 HK
Mon Jan 19: 0000 CET; 0700 HK


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Gorani!

Just finished viewing Middle East Challenge. Hala has shown she is a mature and searching journalist without fear. To interview the chief of the Arab League and then imply he is fibbing is brave. Now we have Gorani to rely as well as the rest of the unbeatable team - not the ones covering the news in the Middle East - but those explaining why CNN coverage is so short sighted and seemingly dictated by our foreign policy. Gorani in the next Amanpour!


Jeff Koopersmith
American Politics Journal

Anonymous said...

I think this piece was good until Hala started comparing oppression by Arab governments of their people with Israel's incursion into Gaza. The former is an endemic problem in the region, while the latter was a response to repeated terror atacks by Hamas. Comparing the two dilutes the issue of ditctatorial Arab regimes, which is the root cause of fundamentalism in the region. Israel unfortunately bears the brunt of this problem, and then gets blamed for it by the head of the Arab League and other ignorant corrupt spokespeople like him.