Friday, October 10, 2008



As all agree the Hala CNN publicity still is beautiful, but as Thot pointed out - a bit dated. So I wrote and requested a new one. And a week later it came in the mail.
However, it is written on! And long time followers (those who have seen, for example, the autographed photo sent to Christine of the Unofficial Hala Gorani website) will know it does not look like her handwriting. Hmm. And no signature. I could be wrong tho - but...I doubt that is Gorani's script.

I am posting it for your thoughts. If Hale is willing to do some magic with this one too (paint out the writing?) I'll try to get a better scan to upload. This is in a plastic sleeve and my scanner does not like Vista. I can get a good clear one when my computer returns from the shop. Then the 2007 pic instead of the 2003 one??


Hale said...

Houston,here is your request.

Why don't you remove the plastic sleeve ,if you can and take the picture of it instead of scanning.Maybe you'll get better result.I'll try on it too.

Houston said...

Looks great.
I'll see what I can do.