Monday, July 7, 2008


In response to Aliona's comment, I don't know why .org has been down for the past four days. It's been down before - but never this long.

So, altho I had some comments about programming over the weekend, (like what programming idiot put the pathetic, out of his league Reggie Aqui on CNNI as an ANCHOR? He was terrible as a reporter for a local Houston TV station and certainly is NOT at all qualified anchor material for International. Keep him confined to that second rate newscast. And ITME. Paula Newton is certainly a step up from last month's wooden host, but it's just not the same without Gorani's writing and eye and presentation. And sorry Arwa, but I think they previously did a story on that hospital) what brought me to the blog to make a comment was today's YWT. Or lack there of.

Is it not one of the most stupid, inane things CNNI has pulled lately - putting on a special with the pandering, brown-nosing hypocritical Dr. Guppy instead of airing Your World Today? Who has taken over CNN International and is trying to turn it into the special interests channel that CNN/US has become? Sorry, idiot programmers, but a special is NOT NEWS. Confine the reruns to the weekends, where you have already made it clear news is no longer a priority by prostituting out air time showing endless reruns of sponsored shows. World News? Does it still matter to you? People actually watch CNNI for content - not as another outlet for your supposed American "stars" egos.


Thot said...

Richard got a mail from MisterMartin.
In his email, MisterMartin wrote:
Hi Richard,

As you may have noticed, there is some trouble with the domain name. In the mean time, you may access it via:

If you could pass this on to people you know I would appreciate it. I have very limited access to Internet, so I hope it will be resolved tomorrow.



Houston said...

Thanks, Thot!

Anonymous said...

Thot, Mister Martin, thank you, it's working! But anyway, what has happened?? I haven't watched TV for 2 weeks, and when I'm saying TV it means CNNI, and CNNI means Hala Gorani, so, was the only way to find new information about my favourite anchor.

Thank you once more! And hope that everything will be OK.


Anonymous said...

Blue colour is better than that one that was before! Muuuuuuuuch better. ;)